Lives in Traralgon

I like living in the Latrobe Valley because it allows me to give back to my community and to feel included as part of a community. So presenting myself in the Latrobe Valley has allowed me to give back to my community by participating in active and social events.


Lives in Morwell

I love the Latrobe Valley because that’s where my family is, so I feel a really strong, social connection to Morwell because my whole family’s here. I moved away for five years, and it was really isolating to be so detached from family.
It’s such a beautiful, natural place…

Lives in Willow Grove

Moe has a wonderful community spirit, always has. Of the three major towns, I think it’s better in Moe than it is in Morwell or Traralgon. But, um, maybe I’m a bit biased. For me, a lot of people move away and they denigrate the area, but to me, it’s…

Lives in Churchill

I grew up in Pakistan and came to Australia 10 years ago in 2009.
Why would you live anywhere else? I guess this is where I would start because you’re so close to the snow and so close to the beach – you get the best of both worlds…

Lives in Newborough

I’ve lived here basically my whole life. I’ve lived in a few different towns – I grew up in Yallourn North, lived in Morwell, lived in Hazelwood North and now in Newborough. I love calling Newborough home. I love to travel around to all the different places. There’s such great…

Lives in Morwell

Hi, I’m Phoebe from Morwell. I’ve lived in the Latrobe Valley all my life. I’ve studied here, I’ve done my primary, secondary and tertiary studies, and I’m now very lucky to work here as well. I’m a nurse – I specialise in the liver so I help people with viral…

Lives in Newborough

The Latrobe Valley is so full of potential to create opportunities! We live in an area of prosperous soil, education precincts, gorgeous nature reserves, well-populated towns all with the benefit of being an hour from the beach and mountains and an hour and a half from the city with a…

Lives in Traralgon

I love the strength and compassion of our community. So for me, the strength inspires me. I see that every day where people gather together and they, you know, come up with local solutions to local issues. They advocate for their community, their neighbour, their family, and they come together…

Lives in Morwell

I’ve always felt proud of Latrobe Valley’s rich history surrounding the power generation, despite the controversy it’s drawn in recent years. I think it’s unfortunate that many people overlook the fact that it’s an industry which was of great significance to Australia’s progress as a developing nation during the post-war…

Lives in Willow Grove

I absolutely love the Latrobe Valley and the wider Gippsland region. I did a lot of travel in my 20s right around Australia and overseas and I think you could go two ways. You either go, ‘I’m never going home’, or you get an appreciation for how good you’ve got…

Lives in Traralgon

I’ve lived in the region for most of my life, and I’m proud to have called most of the major centres “home” at one time or another.

Our region has a proud history of contributing to our state, whether it be the electricity we generate, the food we produce or…

Lives in Traralgon

The Valley can take us anywhere and I suppose we look up to those that have made it in whatever avenue they’ve taken, whether it’s science or education or whatever it is, sport.

There’s plenty of different heroes around town and it’s good that we can call them our own.

Lives in Traralgon

I love Latrobe Valley because after moving away from the area to study and begin my career I chose to return to the area to advance my career and give back to the community I feel so passionate about. Since returning to the Valley I have experienced endless career, sporting…

Lives in Traralgon

I love the Latrobe Valley because it feels like one big family that when in need, bands together to support and protect one another. So often I see local businesses banding together to assist one another, in order achieve a positive outcome. Especially when it comes to fundraising for a…

Lives in Moe

I love Latrobe Valley.

Since becoming involved in different groups in the area, I have been amazed at the local community involvement. It’s absolutely incredible to see that there are so many people that are willing to give their time for the benefit of others.

I’m now heavily committed to…

Lives in Yinnar

I love the Latrobe Valley because of the peace and beauty. There is a little bit of everything. I especially love our little town of Yinnar and all it has to offer including great food, coffee and unique shopping. We have amazing art and natural surroundings. I have found this…

Say Bongu to Charlie!
Lives in Morwell


Carmello – Maltese


From Carmello of Malta to Charlie of Morwell, language and identity have long gone hand-in-hand for Charlie Mallia.

Raised in Msida, a harbour town located near Malta’s capital city, Valletta, Charlie emigrated to Australia with his wife, Maria, and their two sons, Kevin and Dion,…

Say Ni Hao to Lixia!
Lives in Moe

Ni Hao.

Lixia – Mandarin


Of all the culture shocks of moving to a new country, it was a quick trip to the shops that offered Lixia the clearest reminder she wasn’t in China anymore.

Ten years ago, Lixia, her husband Anthony and their son Bart shifted from the…

Say Hola to Erika!
Lives in Newborough


Erika – Spanish


When Erika was 15 years old, her family moved from Peru to Chile.

The language was the same – Spanish – but the locals spoke quickly and with a different accent, making them at times difficult to understand.

It took some getting used to but…

Say Salam Alaikum to Noaka!
Lives in Moe

Salam Alaikum.

Noaka – Arabic


There are benefits to having a large family, particularly when it comes to adapting to a new home.

Born in Egypt, Noaka moved to Australia with her Sudanese family in 2005 at the age of five.

Upon their arrival, the family did not speak…

Say Yassou to Evriviades!
Lives in Morwell/Moe


Evriviades – Greek

From a week of fasting and a day of collective mourning, to midnight mass and a lavish Sunday feast, Easter or ‘Páscha’ is an occasion for social connection like no other for the Greek community.

For Evriviades Aristotelous, such traditions…

Cub life: Lions go virtual to keep community engaged
Lives in Moe

On a typical Thursday night between April and September, you would struggle to find a seat at Moe Football Netball Club’s social rooms at Ted Summerton Reserve.

As with many grassroots sports clubs, Thursdays traditionally include the main training session, followed by team selection, meals and often entertainment.

COVID-19 put…

Virtual volunteers bringing joy to the vulnerable
Lives in Latrobe Valley

When the global coronavirus pandemic reached the Latrobe Valley in March, part of Latrobe Regional Hospital’s safety-first response was to temporarily close Macalister Unit to visitors.

The on-site residential facility provides care for people over the age of 65 years with mental health or behavioural issues, many of whom are…

From friendships to family
Lives in Moe

Further apart, but closer together, has been the unofficial motto of the Moe Multicultural Friendship Group this year.

Unable to continue with weekly face-to-face meetings due to COVID-19 restrictions, the group delved further into the online space in a bid to ensure the invaluable line of…